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Des Moines Weight Loss Offers a Proven Weight Loss System

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There is no other program as comprehensive at addressing the root causes of struggles to lose weight as what we offer here at Des Moines Weight Loss.

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Des Moines Weight Loss Program - weight loss program in Des Moines Iowa

My name is Dr. Jennifer Welch and in my whole-foods, all-natural, common-sense approach to weight loss program, Winning with Weight Loss...

... I'd like to show you how most of our clients lose an average of 20-40 pounds in 60 days or less.

If you have tried every other program and not seen success...

If you work out and the scale just doesn't move...

If you do great on a program but then once it's over, the weight just comes back on...

If you're tired of being bloated, achy, or tired...

If you're ready to finally get some answers to why this is happening...

... I can show you my simple 3-step system that works to lose the weight and keep it off.

My Welch Way to Weight Loss and Wellness is a simple 3-step program focuses on:

  • Putting out the fire - decreasing inflammation. When cells are inflamed, the body holds on to fat and water to buffer, leading to symptoms like weight loss resistance, pain, bloating, and fatigue...

  • Remove toxins that collect in cells causing hormones and nutrients to not work effectively.

  • Get real about real foods. Processed foods have changed our taste buds. Getting back to basics with nutrition, the foods, the the body the building blocks it needs (yes, you'll need to eat your veggies, just like your mama told you when you were young!)

  • Eat the right foods in a way that maximizes your fat burning capacity.

  • Customize your program with key testing

  • Accountability and support from both me and my team as well as a private Facebook group of people who have been in your shoes.

  • And get yourself out of your own way with my approach with a revolutionary mind-body technique to address self-sabotage, stress, cravings or other disconnections with food...

As you can see, I've combined the most successful components for lasting weight loss with my Welch Way to Weight Loss and Wellness method.

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Disclaimer: *Results may vary depending on starting weight, adherence to the program, health conditions, and other factors. Information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Dr. Welch is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic that has a primary focus in clinical nutrition and holistic health, helping complex cases since 2008. Do not change any medications without consulting your prescribing health provider.